Super Marshmallow Ninja

CODAME Featured Game:  Super Marshmallow Ninja

With the CODAME GAMES showdown only days away, we thought we’d give you preview of the indie games that will be duking it out on August 21 for top bragging rights and a trip to the ARTS+TECH Festival.

Next up, Super Marshmallow Ninja on iOS and Android. (well, soon!) 

Pretend like I’m a stranger with an iPhone whom you just approached — give me a quick pitch for Marshmallow Ninja before I run away!

Omid Ahourai (Founder, ArdentKid):  You are a marshmallow ninja, fighting to defeat the evil king crumble and his chocolate chip cookie army from taking over Marshmallow Kingdom in this action-packed top-scroller.

In six words and one hyphen, describe the coolest part of your game.

The intense timing-based battle interactions.

What was the biggest challenge in making the game?

The biggest challenge for me is always making it simple. I always want to add more features than I have the time to create, so that’s exactly why I made Super Marshmallow Ninja first, knowing I would add to it for the sequel.

And thus begins the Super Marshmallow Ninja dynasty…
Thanks for talking to us, Omid!

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Super Marshmallow Ninja