À Quatre Mains

Inspired by the teamwork of a musical band and UX puzzles in VR “À Quatre Mains” is about being in the same space together and playing the same musical instrument. “À Quatre Mains” challenges one of the VR taboos to create a performance that connects people through music.

In VR, the participants are presented with a dome, where the structure is made up of multiple hexagonals. Each hexagonal is a synthesizer and features multiple modes. Using the movement controls of desktop VR HMDs, the synthesizers can be triggered by any participant. This creates a dynamic that is not ideal: no eye contact, no personal space, imprecise timing. Yet, this is aimed to encourage the performers to explore other ways of connecting through sound and the magic that is VR.

Created with Web Audio API, WebGL, WebVR, ThreeJS, Sketchup and Oculus Rift/Touch.