My Hammock is your Hammock

‘My Hammock is Your Hammock’

The Szívküldi Lakótelep (szívküldi= heart-sent, lakótelep=social housing neighborhood) is a multi-layered virtual reality Social Housing Neighborhood that considers the possibilities and dangers of ‘home’ in cyber-space. This form is based on my upbringing being flown on large kites and growing up in a comfort flat on the 8th floor in the late communist era of Hungary. 

The Neighborhood’s districts build on each other. The shell of one area becomes the beginning structure for another, creating a self-recycling system.

I started this project with a self-portrait “Base” that’s built of my own memories. I reserve some parts for myself as a diary (Uncomfy is Comfy), and other places welcome all people to ‘move in’ with their own treasures; for example the Cultural House, that I built as an archive of the Naming Gallery and its community in Oakland.

The social and physical aspects of this project are just as important as the use of VR technology. The Digital Doulas Workshops, as collaborative experiments, function as consciousness-shaping gatherings in which we can face our anxieties, re-think our physical and psychological conditions. Guests are invited to “move in” through entrance ceremonies. These communal forums – the Digital Doula Workshop, MÉTA Circles and Long Distance Somersault Group Rolling Workshop maintain balance between social and virtual realities.

Tour Guide Videos navigate visitors around the space. The Tour Guide Video “My Hammock is Your Hammock” was being projected on top of Salesforce Tower* (Boston Properties). 

I tumble through this #memoryconnector using my Long Distance Somersault practice—rolling as far as I can—seeking higher alternatives.

*as part of a project that Jim Campbell, Jeanne Finley and Lynn Marie Kirby generously invited four graduate students (Ava Morton, Efe Ozman, Maxine Schoefer-Wulf).