Machine of Perceptions

Machine of Perceptions is a collection of private performances that are photographed and filmed, moments of which are captured, combined, and minted as NFTs. In the ever-shifting realities arising in 2020, audiences no longer need to be in the same time or place as performance, and intimate spaces have become performance halls. The multi-framed moments are combined to create a new experience out of constructs of linear time.

This piece explores the framing of gender, the body, the artist, and performance in the context of our ever-shifting realities. By illuminating the identities projected upon the artist, the piece speaks to the ways society, the patriarchy, and capitalism fabricate identities as fixed absolute truths instead of the artificial social constructions they are. The projected visuals are created from participants in the Nexus project, and by projection of the images on the artist's form, the piece engages in a dialogue deconstructing perceptions of the subjective reality we live in.


On the blockchain:

Machine of Perceptions 2D

Machine of Perceptions 3D

Machine of Perceptions - View I



Machine of Perceptions