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LoFi Uncanny (series) is Dakimakura Pillow Art for the AI Age. You're invited to a valley on the softer side of screens. Navigating uncertainty is our only path to progress, enjoy the weird vibes ride! More detail about this process and the tradition of rare Dakimakura collecting can be found here. Techniques used: Neural Style Transfer, ANSI Encoding, Video Animation.

Get lost exploring the vibrant blocks in a UHD PNG. Combine your collection of scrolling ANSI videos into an ambient art installation. 

Exclusive to SuperRare. The first owner to possess both Light Barcode Front & Back will receive the designs as a printed dakimakura cover (160x50cm, 2wt).  A new design will drop every month, keeping pace with traditional circles releasing body pillow covers.



Buy Crypto Art NFT @ SuperRare - Front

Buy 14" Square Pillow


Buy Crypto Art NFT @ SuperRare - Back