Illy is a Primitive Intelligence is a semi-intelligent system powered by Web Audio API and WebGL.

It understands what it is spoken to in a primitive way and responds to us in a primitive, emotional and simple way both sonically and visually. As opposed to the cutting edge AIs and interfaces like Siri, Alexa, Cortana, OK Google, Illy does not understand natural language, defined commands or even language at all.

It does not respond using fine-tuned intonations to deliver the information gathered from the cloud, it is not integrated with any services. It does not show maps, or pictures about the topic. Instead, as an antithesis, it only tries to understand the sonic properties of the spoken language like the attack, loudness, roughness and pitch. And responds sonically, in a non-language, musical, psychoacoustical way: without the symbolic sounds that we call language but with tonal sounds, timbre, frequency, consonance and rhythm.

Visually, it shapes the visuals focusing on size, speed and color determined by its understanding and creating an abstract visual. Ignoring the symbolic data, like an infant, Primitive Intelligence tries to understand the emotion in the human voice - free from symbols of the language - and responds you with your emotions like sonic mirror to the soul. The interactive experience brings questions about human sound and human-machine interface that we sometimes ignore in this age of information.

Created with HTML, javascript, Web Audio API, Three.js and WebGL.