Most often, we live in a world of rhyme and reason. A world of  day to day routines with few surprises. A world that is systematic and logical. Time moves at a constant pace, for the most part. We live, love, mature, grow up and often don't think about the brevity of life or idiosyncrasy of every given moment. 

This piece sets out to explore the rich memories of a household that occupy a space, long after its inhabitants have gone. This piece takes place via projection mapping inside a dollhouse space that measures 24”x 40” x 44.” The projection is accommodated by sensors and actuators powered by Arduino. These sensors simulate the play memories have on us in spaces previously inhabited. The space would be rich in textiles, and details reminiscent of Victorian times. Space would be explored through the use of reflection, projection, light and simulated wind. This piece plays with the possibility of spirits and the confrontation of our own selves through the memories we see or conceive with our imaginations. 

The projection is inspired by people lost, moments shared, light bouncing off cobwebs, any shifting elements one might experience in their home. This piece explores the mundane and significant moments that define our experiences.