Code Art Together


Connecting, Creating, and Celebrating are the pillars of CODAME #CodeArtTogether workshops:

  • Connecting the community, learning from each other, and connecting new pathways in our brains.
  • Creating tangible outcomes in the timeframe of the workshops.
  • Celebrating artwork by sharing creations durring and after the workshops. It's thrilling to see students showing work at our ART+TECH Festival and shop.




Our definition of “Code Art” is broad. “Code” lends many facets of it’s meaning:

  • Systematically baking art into every day life and offices.
  • Exposing subconscious meaning behind symbols and identifying signals where others see noise.
  • And yes, even the obvious programmatic instructions for computers and conceptual art instructions for people 😉




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Workshops are great for team building. They cultivate space to play, which guides sense-making and sparks innovation. In our workshops attendees become featured artists with the option to show their workshop creations in CODAME galleries. 


Internet-based tools means you can jump right into creative results. There’s no slogging through environment setup. Editors like make it easy to collaborate and even ping the community for help. It’s a short step to sharing your outcomes when many online tools publish linkable results as you go.


Here some exmplaes of art created at oru workshops:




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Code Art Together