stARTup artfair sf

Join CODAME co-founders, Bruno Fonzi and Jordan Gray, for an art conversation at the stARTup artfair San Francisco

When: Sunday, May 1 at 2:30 pm 

Where: Room 225 | Hotel Del Sol | 3100 Webster St. | San Francisco

Finding the Match: Tech Partnerships in the Creative Sector

With the growth of the technology sector in San Francisco, there are huge opportunities for artists, creatives and technologists to partner. In this conversation, we will explore how can artists creatives find the best partner, what makes a good partner match, what to look out for, and some best practices and challenges. Join moderator Bea Dominguez (Senior Community & Events Manager at PicsArt), Adam Fong (Founder and Executive Director of the Center for New Music), Bruno Fonzi & Jordan Gray (Founders of CODAME), and Ian Heisters (Founder, Heisters Generative) as they explore some reasons why partnering with the tech sector could be the right fit for you and your next project.

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