Sketching Worlds in 360

with Michael Scherotter

Bring worlds of your imagination to life by sketching them out on 360 spherical panoramas! Use a digital or analog workflows to explore drawing on a equirectangular grid. Participants will visit each other's immersive images through standard web apps or VR devices (including cardboard). 


Part of the 10th annual CODAME ART+TECH Festival


Learn how to create 360 sketches with both analog and digital tools that can be viewed just like 360 photos on the web or in VR headsets. As sketching is often quicker than 3D modeling, creating a quick immersive sketch for VR design, game design, or architectural design can be a great tool to ideate on and communicate a space, scene, or experience. Bring both analog (pens, pencils for drawing on copier paper) and digital tools (tablets with drawing apps that support layers) and any VR headsets (Google Cardboard, Oculus Go, etc.) to view the results.


Time Schedule


Skill Level

  • Open to all levels.
  • No specific background required for this workshop.


Workshop Outline

This is a 2 hour workshop includes analog and digital exercises:

  1. Introduction to Equirectangular Projections
  2. Exercise: Drawing on Equirectangular Grid Paper
  3. Photograph drawings, crop, and load into tablets & VR Headsets (like Oculus Go)
  4. Demonstrate 360 Drawing with Sketch 360
  5. Exercise options
    1. Make 360 sketches with Sketch 360
    2. Make 360 sketches with any drawing app using Equirectangular Grid underlay
    3. Continue Paper 360 drawing
  6. View results in tablets & VR Headsets using


What to Bring

Choose and prepare for one of the 3 approaches to sketching:

1: Sketch 360

  • If you have Windows 10 or an Android device, install the free Sketch 360 app from the Windows Store or Google Play Store.  
  • This app is designed to streamline the process of Sketching Worlds in 360!

2: Digital drawing app

  • Install any digital drawing app that supports layers, defining the page dimensions, and exporting .jpeg files.  There are many options, but some free choices include Adobe Fresco, Autodesk Sketchbook, and Inkscape.
  • Optional (we will also be set up to run this for attendees): Install the ExifTool command-line tool from 
  • Download the Equirectangular Grid Template.

3: Paper + Mobile Phone (or camera)

  • Download and print out multiple copies of the Equirectangular Grid PDF (tabloid sized paper works best).
  • Assemble your favorite drawing/sketching/craft/collage supplies
  • On your mobile phone, download a 360 viewing app (VR Media Player on Google Play is one) 


And the usual:

  • Computer & power/charger.
  • Zoom installed ahead of time.
  • Optional: 2nd monitor or screen so you can see the Zoom while working.


Optional: Any VR headsets like Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, or Google Cardboard with an app for viewing 360 photos. You will also be able to visit the photospheres in a standard web browser, it will just be less immersive than a VR viewer. 


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360 Video, grab and drag to look around as the drawing happens!


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