NFT Basics Blastoff

July 6, 9, 13, 2022 10am-11:30am PDT

An NFT introductory course teaching Artists how to create, buy and sell NFTs

with Alissa Christine.

The goal of the workshop is to help Creatives better understand NFTs and how to leverage the medium to bring their works to a global marketplace and secure their intellectual property. We will be providing NFT guidance for the ETHEREUM & NEAR Blockchain.


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$149/person for 3 sessions


Early Bird Discount til June 15


Offered by Mars Landing Galleries
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An interactive course, where you will be encouraged to mint your NFT(s) upon completion of the course. There will be assignments after each session.

Day 1 - July 6
10am-11:30am PDT

Create your Digital Wallets / Learn Crypto Security, Web3 & Blockchain Basics

Day 2 - July 9
10am-11:30am PDT

NFT Minting, Listing, Selling, Buying 

Day 3 - July 13
10am-11:30am PDT

NFT Marketing Strategies & Community Building



Artists of all disciplines and artist levels are encouraged to participate. No previous knowledge of NFTs is required! 


/// WHY

If you are a creator wanting to understand more about NFTs and how they can be used as a medium for the monetization and promotion of your art, this course is for you!

Receive guidance selecting & creating NFTs and open your own storefront.

Gain insights for marketing your work and connect with a global community of artists and collectors.



This is a video online workshop over zoom, credentials will be provided at registration time.

You will have access to a private chat group in the CODAME Discord where you can network with the other participants and receive feedback from Alissa along the way, to keep your progress in flow.  Join our Discord Community here.

Recordings will be available for each session.

All sessions will be in English.

Completion of the workshop offers the opportunity to submit your work to be featured in a curated selection of NFTs in virtual and/or physical exhibit(s) in CODAME’s RAWTHENTIC ART+TECH Festival 2022 and/or Mars Landing Galleries.


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The following topics will be covered during the workshop:

  • What Is an NFT?

  • The history of NFT

  • Benefits of creating and selling NFTs

  • Crypto Security

  • How to set up & fund a digital wallet

  • How to sign up for NFT Marketplace on Ethereum and NEAR

  • How to mint an NFT

  • How to list and sell your NFT

  • Auctions & Bidding of NFTs

  • How to buy an NFT

  • Add royalties to NFTs

  • How to build an audience

  • Add metadata & unlockable content to NFTs

  • Create a collection to store digital items

  • NFT 3D worlds, galleries and event spaces

  • How to cash out NFT

  • The Carbon Footprint Of NFTs

  • Copyright Protection with NFTs

  • Smart Contracts

  • Interplanetary File System (IPFS) / Arweave

  • Block explorer and analytics platform

  • PoS / PoW

  • NFT community

  • Web3 basics

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Thanks to Mars Landing Galleries, we are giving away 1 free ticket for one Artist, for the entire course.

Please fill out this Scholarship application form so that you can enter the giveaway! 

Scholarship submissions are open until June 22, 2022, at 11:59pm PDT

The winner announced on June 23, 2022!