On Apr 9th,CODAME joins LoveTech at F8 as we REACTIVATE an innovative social music experience!

Spring into digital imagination space with hot new prototypes and get connected with emerging technologies that challenge what music and art creation can be when we do it together!

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REACTIVATE with LoveTech for a creatively flourishing, ecstatically expanding evening!



Engage your entourage in energetic ensemble at the hands-on Digital Jam Lounge featuring Moldover‘s melodically multiplayer MiniMasher and Al Linke‘s provocatively playful PIXEL! Spark your synergic synapses in the Educational PlayShops! Vitalize your visual cortex with VCOVault‘s riveting VJ action! Illuminate your intellect with Peter Tjeerdsma‘s Indra’s Net!


 REACTIVATING Musical Performances

REACTIVATE your inspiration with Controllerism founder MOLDOVER, bringing heartfelt music fresh from his forthcoming album, ALEX KANE celebrating an energetic new EP, ZENOTOPE rocking future bass with dancers in tow, RICH DDTcommanding electrifying dance rhythms, and EITCH swooning us with captivating vocal flow!



The Godfather of Controllerism reaches deep into his soul to share an all new performance of heartsprung music from his forthcoming album, offering a timeless brilliance in its lyrical glow.



Passionately driven multi-instrumentalist and big beat electronic rocker harnessing sound & video technology to break down the borders between the rock band and the DJ/Producer.



Detonating Dance Tracks on his custom “Controllitar”, his contagiously funky glitch hop is live looped and electrifying, infused with exotic and nostalgic beats and bass blasted world flavors.



Enveloping the dancefloor with future bass waves that interweave downtempo glitch with surrealist and classical scifi, and featuring captivating dancers in synchronistic flow.




Fusing a blend of alternative, electronic “Altronipop,” her endless curiosity into cosmic reflections has crafted imaginative sonic structures of tantalizing lyricism and vocal radiance.

Digital Jam Lounge!

Jam with your friends on Moldover’s MiniMasher — an innovative 3-player visual and musical instrument of interactive delight!

Get your blinkies fix with PIXEL, the smartphone-enabled animated interactive LED panel by CODAME featured artist Al Linke!

Inspiring Educational Playshops!

Come early and find yourself entangled in a tech mashup of musical mayhem and artistic awe as our talented instrumentalists lead you through their worlds of wonderous wizardry.