LED Pixel Art Workshop with Al Linke

This workshop is part of our Monthly ART+TECH Rendezvous curated by CODAME staff, happening @GeekdomSF. The series focuses on contemporary art and tech artists, electro-music and performance, mixing and networking, electronic improvisation, artistic inspiration, and play time.

Art Rendezvous

Al Linke is the creator of an LED display for art and advertising called PIXEL, a successfully crowd funded project. With it’s ultra-bright LEDs, the effect is quite unique. And unlike other LED displays, PIXEL can be programmed from the ease of an Android phone.

During the workshop, Al will give a brief talk on how PIXEL came to be including an overview of what pixel art is and how he collaborated with 12 pixel artists to create the content for PIXEL. Al will unveil a new piece called “Signs of Temptation” during the talk. After the talk, you are welcome to stick around and create your own pixel art using your Android phone and display it on PIXEL. There will be a few extra Android devices available for those without an Android. Feel free to download the pixel art editor Android app now and start creating as well as the app for PIXEL’s built in content and then send to PIXEL during the workshop.

Limited quantity available, so reserve yours before they’re gone.

PIXEL comes in two sizes:

  1. PIXEL: 1,024 multi-color LEDs / 32×32 resolution, dimensions 7.5” x 7.5” x 1.5”
  2. SUPER PIXEL: 4,096 multi-color LEDs / 64×64 resolution, dimensions 16.5” x 16.5” x .1.5”

More info about PIXEL on ledpixelart.com

PIXEL LED Art | Carl Douglas | Argyle | USA

Signs of Temptation” by Jacob Giordano (King*Kaiju) at the Kaleid Art Gallery in San Jose, CA


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