GRIDWALK Live Hardware Session

January 24th, 2020 - 7:30 - 10:30pm

Advance Tickets


Join us for live electronic hardware sets from three local Oakland producers.


This show kicks off Gridwalk's anniversary celebration of 10 years of releasing electronic music online, and our first live label-backed show.


It's also (lowkey)'s 30th birthday!


Also Outerbody Labs interactive installation!



E.Hernandez is a Producer and DJ living on Ohlone Land known as Oakland. They have helped throw the party “Mutante” which ran for almost two years as a weekly; and, “Sucia Beat” a monthly party focusing on Latinx music with an open format style. E.Hernandez also produces and has performed on lineups with a wide range of performers & DJ’s including: Galcher Lustwerk, Romy, Yan Cook, Xuxa Santamaria, Dax Pierson and more.

A haunted household name: thee interrupt, ruin mechanic, inimitable mAd sWitCh, extra-ordinary brain-box makin' sonic drugs, Infinitesimal wavelet influences in oceans of sound, an octagonal dimensional vortex of wrung out samples and blasted rhythms. The sound is strictly necromancy. Misterinterrupt's process takes on many layers of sourced sound recordings and remixes of his own unreleased work.
====== is an internet artist, electronic musician, hardware hacker, graphic designer, visual jockey, gif maker, label boss and new media art researcher based in Oakland, California.

Organized by Gridwalk:
Gridwalk is an Oakland-based label for electronic music, audiovisual art and experimental formats, established in 2010 and run by Our work ranges from traditional EP and album-length releases, to online interactive music videos, to experiences and objects that push the limits of what could be considered musical release formats. We are open for demos, collaborations and submissions.