Creators and Communities Hackathon

Friday May 14th - Sunday June 6th

Get rewards for sharing ideas, pitching a deck, and recording a video demo (no code required). Over $100,000 of bounties and prizes available for tracks like generative art, social tokens, governance, music, and VR!  

CODAME artists have been comissioned for NFT Crypto Art drops, happening at key events throughout the conference. Log into the NEAR discord and keep your eyes peeled for bot notifications 🎨👀💜

All backgrounds and skill sets are welcome to participate. No prior knowledge of blockchain is required! This is your shot to learn NFTs, DAOs, and social tokens on NEAR, a carbon neutral blockchain with the best usability and developer experience.

#CreatorsAndCommunities Hackathon kicks off with an all day conference featuring over 50 industry leaders, including a Rewarding Creativity to Supercharge Communities panel with CODAME Co-Founder Jordan Gray. Hacking continues through June 6th. 

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