Our CODAME GAMES showdown earlier this month was a total blast! Amid all the excellent submissions, our judges had the next-to-impossible task of picking only a handful of winners.

In the second round our sponsors will select the CODAME 2013 ART+TECH GAME of the year at our festival taking place November 1-2.

  • Top Honors:  Eugene Houdin, by McNeil Media
    A stick-figure fighting game that’s insanely fun to play and ingeniously designed.
  • Most Fun:  Retrobooster, by Terry Welsh
    A gorgeous space shooter with superb controls and updated Lunar Lander style graphics.
  • Most Original:  Full Bore, by Whole Hog Games
    A retro-tinged arcade digger with very elaborate level design and a fun pork-themed motif.
  • Most Epic:  Canon Brawl, by Turtle Sandbox
    An artillery/Warcraft style 2D head-to-header with explosions and destructible terrain. Scorch the Earth to your heart’s content, and emerge victorious!
  • Most Artistic:  Lost Toys, by Barking Mouse
    A beautiful Myststyle attic exploration game. You can certainly tell that they put a lot of time into the visuals and overall atmosphere of this game.

If you missed them the first time around, be sure to come out and check out these games in-person. They truly are extraordinary, and perfectly embody the “art vs. tech” theme of CODAME.

Big thanks to our Sponsors and judges: Carlos Icaza, Eric WingIvan Cavero BelaudeJames HsuJames Young and all the fans who voted for their favorite game on the CODAME Facebook page!

See you Nov 1-2 at Geekdom SF for the second and final round!