The nostalgic journey for 8-bit videogames, art & music.


Come join us as we celebrate retro-game culture with artworks inspired by the early days of video games.

CODAME Team member: STARPAUSE http://starpause.com/ will be performing live and filling your ears with chiptune musical goodness. In addition to the art, we’ll have a table-top game system loaded up with all the classics.

If You’ve never been to Sweet Breams before, be prepared to fall in love with their delicious Japanese Taiyaki cakes!

Featuring art by:
✜ Alice Koswara
✜ Andy Helms
✜ Ben Seto
✜ Catmandru
✜ Elisa Sassi
✜ Eric Phoneticontrol Broers
✜ Jungshih Wang
✜ Mayo Tobita
✜ Omar Rodriguez
✜ Vicente Montelongo
and other surprise guest artists!

Curated by:
Mike “BAM” Tyau & Vicente Montelongo


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