Strayltd is an artist creating collages made from specially chosen sources to add context to the themes found within their art playfully.

Using montage and collage processes, strayltd creates figurative art with contemporary cultural narratives. Work by strayltd appears on box sets and record covers for well-known bands and musicians, and features at small exhibitions in galleries around the world and in the metaverse.

Also collected by respected artists and collectors in the form of cryptoart, strayltd’s work has been minted to the etherium blockchain and exists as static, animated, programmable and generative nfts in single and multiple editions.

When creating collage, the source of imagery for each artwork is specially chosen to playfully add context to the theme of each picture. Examples of this include the story of Adam and Eve made from, Illuminati inspired dreamscapes made from album covers of The Mars Volta, and portraits of the Queen made from 70s punk memorabilia.

Working collaboratively, strayltd was one of 33 artists that made a portrait of cryptoartist Alotta Money for a cancer charity fundraiser. As a guest of the international artist collective The Guild, strayltd created The Dreamer for the sold-out, generative music nft, Dream Recorder. And in collaboration with musician plutonic mind, generative and animated audiovisual artworks have been minted by a number of well-known collectors.

Regularly trending on cryptoart platforms, strayltd’s work features among the Async Art top 30 blueprints and has also been minted on MakersPlace, Foundation, KnownOrigin and NiftyGateway. Portraits of The King and Queen have been on display in the PannVerse and at Kunsthalle Zürich, and The Dreamer was exhibited for the first time at NFT.NYC 2023.

Art direction of box sets and album covers by strayltd have also received accolades, with work for The Mars Volta and Omar Rodríguez-López having been entered for the Grammy Awards. And, most recently, a collection of album covers by strayltd featured in the In-Between exhibition at the Reeperbahn Festival in Germany.


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