Jenny Guo

Jenny Guo is a co-founder of LumiereVR, which is dedicated to using Virtual Reality (VR) to bridge the gaps between tech, arts, and design. She is a cross-border creative producer, art collector and tech entrepreneur. She has been named on Forbes 30 under 30 twice for Asia and China in 2018 and was voted in the top 10 women in VR in China in 2016.

Backed by HTC ViveX and TechStars, her company LumiereVR won the top 10 VR projects in 2016 in China. The VR films she had worked on have also won multiple awards in both Asia and U.S including a prestigious Lumiere award from The Advanced Imaging Society.

She majored in Electronic Art and Political Studies at Bard College and later studied Creative Producing at Columbia University. Prior to joining the VR industry, Ms. Guo had extensive experience in auction houses and art dealing between China, and U.S.

She has spoken at multiple conferences including Harvard Graduate School of Design, J.P Morgan, VREdEx, TEDxBohaibay, and Wharton School of Business.

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