Hazel Griffiths

I am an artist and visual storyteller creating work in a variety of media including oil, encaustic wax and watercolors and now, virtual and augmented reality. I have been creating for the last ten years and have been an active member of the South Florida art community, showing at art fairs, galleries and events from West Palm to Key West. I have a strong interest in nature and conservation and am currently working with Project Ark and the Ocean Rescue Alliance.

My significant body of work is a series of imaginary landscapes informed by inner states of being - visionary places that reside within us. My work in virtual reality has become an immersive extension of these ideas, adding another dimension to my thought process.
These immersive worlds have been uploaded to Altspacevr for the first virtual burning man experience. More worlds will be created for this year’s theme: Into the unknown. This piece is a foray into that concept, one that is continually expanding!
I have now minted two of the uploaded Altspace worlds as nfts, allowing the purchaser exclusive access to their own private world containing the virtual reality art pieces.

My current body of work is mostly in digital media, specifically augmented and virtual reality in the form of virtual worlds and immersive digital experiences. these virtual pieces also become part of physical art pieces in the form of augmented reality, to create multiple viewing experiences and leave room for playing with multiple scales within the same piece. Most of my virtual work is fully immersive, narrative worlds or 3D light sculptures that can be translated into augmented reality pieces, that any person with a phone can experience, infusing an everyday scene with magical realism.
My augmented reality work is mostly in the form of these ‘light sculptures’ or encapsulated worlds one can step into.

My intent is to continue creating exhibition pieces that are a fusion of traditional techniques and new media to create unique viewing experiences, bringing the two worlds together to tell multi-dimensional stories.
Most of my virtual pieces are translated into augmented reality, as this medium is the most accessible and for me, is one of the most exciting spaces to be in.

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