Fred Goykhman

Fred Goykhman is an artist/designer currently living in San Francisco. His creative direction spins from following threads of presence and presumed trajectories of the possibility. His life long passion and search for patterns has lead him in studies of biology, chemistry, physics, and architecture. He completed his Masters of Architecture in USF Tampa, School of Architecture and Community Design. His current work involves Ballpoint pen 'anti-design' exercises, spiraling flows of trajectories weaving with in each other to make a pattern unique to the physicality of the organic oscillator. His painting direction is based on the referencing history and pop culture, juxtaposing both with mixed media constructs.

Fred specializes in 3D modeling/rendering, laser printig, custom architectural design, and art installations based on metal, wood, and explore differenct materials and combinatins to bring it all to life. Some examples of his deversified work can be found here below: