Elena Kauffmann

Kauffmann is an art-tech creative catalyst - director, producer, curator - and founder of art-tech agency D2D Art and WOW zone, the first experiential innovative and creative XR space and concept of its kind in Egypt and MENA. 

She enjoys working with a global network of multidisciplinary visionary creatives, artists, innovators, and art-tech experts while targeting the greater public in innovative immersive, and participatory ways. As a creative director, she specializes in projects/ cross-collaborations focused on combining creativity, art, technology, and experiential art. She seeks to push the boundaries of what is possible and pave the way for new engaging, inspiring, and empowering human-centered experiences.

Her aim is to redefine public engagement by placing the public at the center of compelling and inspiring activations while simultaneously giving a voice and platform for creative thinkers, dreamers, and creators to share their visions and innovations with the world in the process.

She belongs to a family of artists, has worked in the arts field (from development, promotion, curating, partnership-building to business development) in multiple countries and for various organizations, curated a number of art shows (exhibitions, booths at art fairs and festivals) and has developed over the years a strong and unique local and international circle of collaborators and partners.