Carl Pisaturo
“The truth may be as simple as a rotation or proportion, or as complex as chaos in a fluid”

CODAME Featured Artist: Carl Pisaturo is a LuminoKinetic sculptor who specializes in designing and creating robotic pieces from scratch with traditional machine building techniques. Ranging from animatronic figures, kinetic light sculptures, and even a 3D strobe illusion device (dubbed the Transmutoscope).  Pisaturo’s work follows and fuses the traditions of scientific demonstration, structural design, sensualist kinetic sculpture, as well as technical amusement, for inverse profit. (alt: “Science design, movement, as well as amusement, all funded out of his own pocket”).


Pisaturo’s work has been featured in events such as: Maker FaireMission Arts and Performance Project (MAPP) and Dorkbot.  He has also collaborated on the fabrication of a damage-resistant robot with MEKA robotics, opened his workspace in the Mission, Area 2881, for studio visits, and been interviewed for WIRED.

Pisaturo currently works as an applications engineer at Stanford University, and continues to generously share detailed material, design and electrical notes for his work on his website.


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Carl Pisaturo