Bill Hsu / Ollie Bown / raven

CODAME Featured Artists: Bill Hsu/Ollie Bown/raven Ollie Bown & raven are 2/5 of the Sydney-based improv quintet Tangents. As a duo their live set consists of long-form improvisations around Bown’s software that loops, layers and resamples raven’s cello along with beats and sounds. Sets frequently move in abstract directions, but keep a melodic and rhythmic core. For their ATA set, Bill Hsu will work with interactive video that combines real-world footage with generative processes. Ollie Bown: Bill Hsu: Join us for a 5ENSES (+ sixth sense mystery experience) with Bill Hsu, Ollie Bown and Raven at CODAME 2013 ART+TECH Festival (Nov 1-2)