Alissa Christine

Alissa Christine channels the essence of beauty through her creations and draws inspiration from the pure and simple joys of life. Florida International Magazine called her a "Power Player" as one of 100 individuals pushing Florida into the future. 

For this Brazilian-American artist, expression through visual media connects with inner consciousness as an inspiration to be transmitted to the receiver. Her creations are multidisciplinary fusions of virtual reality, photography, lighting, movement, dimension, painting, sculpture and display... sometimes performed live.  It is her steadfast commitment to her own evolution and the evolution of her art that allows her to transcend the individual disciplines and just create. She is a Miami-based professional photographer, author and exhibiting visionary artist that is illuminated by nature, permaculture and the healing arts.

Alissa Christine is a pioneering virtual reality artist. She began VR painting live at Tamarindo Art Wave Festival in 2018 and continues to create 3-dimensional vibrating sculptures of light to be interactively experienced. The art of this innovative virtual technology is blending the boundaries of what's inside and outside in the literal and figurative sense. Alissa's joy is sharing the magic of light, energy and information, congruent with her wellness practices in the healing arts... Some of her paintings are conceptualized with an intention of guiding the explorer toward states of elevation... and they may also discover hidden treasures inside and out.

In 2015 Alissa self-published a photography coffee-table book entitled “i love miami 365”, a 366 page, daily yearlong meditative journey of gratitude, celebrating the soul of Miami from the inside out. In it, her love for the everyday beauty is on display as an offering to the world.

Her illuminated lightbox mixed media series, “miami music chroma” is a 3-dimensional lightbox project that was commissioned for display in each of the guest rooms at The Marlin Hotel in Miami Beach. It is a contemporary body of work featuring her original photos of musicians, producers and DJs combined with illustration and light, encased with translucent colors. 

Her art and photography have been featured on albums for recording artists, book covers and editorial publications, such as Ocean Drive’s Art Basel Magazine, Florida Inside Out, Elle, Haute Living, 944, Miami Modern Luxury, Ego Trip, Latina Magazine, Sabores and more.

Alissa’s intention is to share the light so all can see the light and be the light. And she contributes to the pulse of the community through creating, curating and promoting art, wellness, permaculture and music events. 

Alissa Christine is open to art and photography commissions, collaborations, travel projects, wellness/permaculture workshops and holistic retreats.

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