Dayan Qigong

Bring ART+TECH to your mindfulness routine with a Dayan Qigong workshop! Human instruction will pave the way for introducing Cyber Sifu--a bot that talks you through the flowing moving meditation. After the workshop, take Cyber Sifu with you and get unique insights every time you practice.

The Dayan (Wild Goose) form is a 64 movement Qigong. It's focused on improving flexibility, balance, and mind-body connection. The form is easy to learn and adaptable for students of all ages and fitness levels. There's no need for mats or special clothes, making it a perfect break around the office or anywhere you can fit it in.

Cyber Sifu is a voice assistant programed by Dayan Qigong instructor Jordan Gray. Each talk through by the bot is unique and pulls from multiple insights for each movement. Jordan has baked in over 10 years of practice, including teaching certification from Grandmaster Hui Lui of Wen Wu School.

For the deeply curious: Dayan Qigong has passed down over 29 generations. It shares roots with Tai Chi and Yoga, tracing back to Bodhidharma's travels in the 5th or 6th century. It's a playful Taoist practice inspired by the long lives, tremendous strength, aerobic capacity, and graceful movements of the Bar Headed Goose. Dayan translates as "Big Bird" or "Wild Goose", paying homage to these super animals.